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  • is it possible we see in despicable me 4 in a short/mini movie a explanation story about Lucky the Goat what happened to his parents and how exactly he lost his other horn.
  • Lucky replaces Agnes' Unicorn, which Agnes sold to earn money for Gru. As such, Lucky becomes the second pet of Agnes after Kyle.
  • It’s unknown how Lucky lost his horn how he end up in the woods at the first place and whatever happen to his parents
  • When Lucky is introduced for the first time. He lets out a human scream references to the goat scream Internet meme that gains views across the world. The scream is also simliar to the scream for the baby goat from The Grinch.
Lucky in the forest (sketch in despicable me 4)

A sketch picture got found for Despicable me 4 probably for a short movie for Lucky the goat and he has there his other horn still unknown how he lost it.