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This article has not been given a name, as such, the name Lucy's Car, is purely conjectural.

Lucy's Car is a land vehicle operated by Lucy Wilde for her services at AVL


The vehicle is very compact and can accommodate two human passengers. It is also a convertible, able to quickly extend and retract its roof.

Additionally, this vehicle is both amphibious and aerial:

  • As a submersible, the vehicle's wheels fold away while its canopy and structure expands slightly. It also reveals two rotors powering the vehicle while underwater.
    • It is used a means of naval transport to the AVL submarine.
  • As an aircraft, the vehicle reveals hidden jet engines and wings while its canopy shrinks slightly.

The car is also rather resilient versus impacts with various objects, suggesting that it has mounted armor.


Lucy drives up to Felonius Gru's house with her car right about after Agnes's birthday party concluded. After tasing Gru with her Lipstick Taser, she stuffs him inside her trunk, albeit with difficulty because he is heavy. She drives to the pier, but not before stunning two Minions who attempted to rescue their boss. After driving off the pier, she converts the car into its submarine mode and arrives at the AVL Base.

Later, Dave and Stuart wait by her car while standing by for Gru and Lucy, who are breaking into Salsa & Salsa. When Gru called them for assistance, the two Minions broke into the Paradise Mall. Dave and Stuart, because of their size, could not drive properly, but they end up knocking out Eduardo Perez by accident.

After Gru's botched date with Shannon, Lucy and the ex-villain tie the jock girl up on the top of the car, after Gru fails to enter vehicle properly. The car stops in front of Shannon's house, launching her to the roof of another static, unoccupied vehicle. Lucy's Car is never seen for the rest of the film.



  • In the game location Residential Area in Minion Rush, there are many cars on the track which the minion should dodge, and some of them resemble Lucy's car.
  • Lucy's Car resembles the Autobianchi Bianchina, an Italian car from the 60s.
  • Its submersible ability is a reference to James Bond.
  • Its license plate reads TOP-SCRT, which translates to "Top-Secret". However, no clues are given in the origin of the vehicle, other than it may be property of AVL.