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Lucy's Car
Lucy's Car

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Lucy Wilde


Despicable Me 2

As a top secret agent of the Anti-Villain League, Lucy Wilde has an array of gadgets at her disposal, her car being no exception.


Her car is very compact and up to two passengers can sit in it. The car also is a convertible, as shown when she draws back the roof in order to capture two Minions from rescuing Gru. Its license plate reads TOP-SCRT and apparently the car is government-issued according to the same plate.

The car has three modes: its regular mode, a submarine mode, and a plane mode. When the submarine mode is activated, the wheels fold away and the car unfolds, which expands the canopy of the car and rear. Two propellers propel the car forward while it is in this mode. The third mode reveals hidden jet engines and unfolds a set of wings. The canopy shrinks slightly when in this mode.


Lucy drives up to Felonius Gru's house with her car right about after Agnes's birthday party concluded. After tasing Gru with her Lipstick Taser, she stuffs him inside her trunk, albeit with difficulty because he is heavy. She drives to the pier, but not before stunning two Minions who attempted to rescue their boss. After driving off the pier, she converts the car into its submarine mode and arrives at the AVL Base.

Later, Dave and Stuart wait by her car while standing by for Gru and Lucy, who are breaking into Salsa & Salsa. When Gru called them for assistance, the two Minions broke into the Paradise Mall. Dave and Stuart, because of their size, could not drive properly, but they end up knocking out Eduardo Perez by accident.

After Gru's botched date with Shannon, Lucy and the ex-villain tie the jock girl up on the top of the car because there is no space for her.


In a game location Residential Area in Despicable Me: Minion Rush, there are many cars on the track which the minion should dodge, and some of them resemble Lucy's car. However, they are often with baggages on top of it, making it impossible to dodge via jumping.