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  • "Oh, where are they? Agnes? Edith!" - Lucy frantic with worry after she loses Agnes and Edith.
  • "Sorry, you're gonna have to come with me." - Lucy minutes before she kidnaps Gru into her trunk just to take him to the AVL.
  • "Hi. Takeout for Lucy?" - Lucy when she enters Zarelli's Italian Restaurant and asks the waitress for takeout, even though she only came to pick up Gru from his awful date with Shannon.
  • "Whoa. Wasn't expecting that." - Lucy after making a cupcake mess because her and Gru scared each other.
  • "You know, you really should announce your weapons after you fire them, Mr. Gru." Lucy telling Gru to say the name of his weapon after it is fired instead of before.
  • "Hi, Agent Lucy Wilde of the AVL." - Lucy introducing herself to Gru.
  • "You copied me!" - Gru copying Lucy into her catchphrase.