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This page is trivia about Lucy Wilde. Please add any trivia that pertain to that article.

  • Kristen Wiig (Lucy's voice actress) also voiced Miss Hattie in the first film.
  • Lucy's wedding dress is like the everyday dress that she wears, although it is white and has some patterns at the end of the skirt.
  • Lucy's sleepwear has a similar design to her everyday attire: she wears a turquoise nightgown with a design similar to her daytime dress, but with white lace trim around the neckline and on the hem, white shoulder straps, and a turquoise bathrobe (mirroring her overcoat) worn over the gown. She is never seen without the bathrobe on in her only scene with in her pajamas, although a white strap can be seen underneath her bathrobe, giving viewers a brief glimpse of what her gown would look like if she wasn't wearing her bathrobe, this is supposed to be her only outfit that she doesn't wear her high heels, however, in the scene her feet was not seen, so it's unknown if she wears her high heels or not whit her pajamas.
  • Lucy's glasses disappear in the scene when she is in the car after she had put Gru in the trunk.
  • When wearing high heels, Lucy looks taller than Gru and she might be taller than Gru without them.
  • Lucy has been on one or two dates before Gru (though they aren't really successful, as she had to tranquilize both her dates.)
  • In the scene when Lucy is jumping on Gru, her car door is closed, but when she gets in the car, the door is opened. This could be an animation error.
  • Lucy bears a slight resemblance to Lois Griffin from the animated adult comedy series Family Guy as her nose is bird-like, both Lucy and Lois have Red hair and have turquoise in their outfits, keeping the theme of complimentary colors. She also has a resemblance to Pearl from Steven Universe as they both have pointed noses and their hair are pointed upwards (Albeit, Lucy's hair is tied while Pearl's is pointed, sharing the former's choice of colors).
    • Like her husband Gru, Lucy also appears to have a vaguely birdlike appearance, particularly the shape of her nose.
  • When Gru is about to call Lucy and he flips over a business card and it has Lucy's cell phone number on it: 1-(626) 584-5723. The number is a working telephone number for Pasadena, California. If you call the number, it will go to Lucy's message box and you will hear her answering machine message. This telephone number is no longer in operation.
    • The machine message can also be heard on the Behind The Goggles website, by clicking on the black telephone at the lower right corner. This has been removed
  • Since she does not appear in the Despicable Me 2 mini-movie Puppy, it is unknown whenever if that short was before or after she married Gru.
  • The scene where Lucy's car turns into a submarine is a parody of the Lotus Espirit submarine car from the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me.
  • "Lucy" is actually the feminine equivalent of "Lucius", which means "light" in Latin, referring to her cheerful and positive nature.
    Lucy mannequins

    A mannequin of Lucy as seen in Minions

  • In Minions, during the scene in which the Minion trio spend the night in Fancy's, there are two mannequins that strongly resemble Lucy's appearance, it is unknown if this is an Easter egg by the animators or a way to not create new models (as this can happen during production).
  • Lucy Wilde is 216cm tall. If she were to be a real person, she would break the Guiness World Record as the tallest woman in the world. The tallest known living woman is Rumeysa Gulgi from Turkey, at a height of 215cm.