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Mad Bladder

Mad Bladder is the seventh-to-thirdlast episode of Season 3 in Saturday Morning Minions.

Dave tries to go potty, but there’s a very long line. He decided to run but Stuart pulled him and the Minions pulled him back to the way he was. Dave had an idea. He wears as a dapper minion with a moustache so the minions will cheer, but suddenly, he ripped the side of the moustache and the minions gasped and pulled him back at the way he was again. Later, he ties himself with rope with balloon (which is not seen) and flies in the air and the minion tried to stop him for popping the balloons but that didn’t work, so they throw bows to pop them, and they pulled him back to the way he was again and again. So he had a shovel so he can dig and head to the restroom. But badly, he headed to Gru’s garden. Dave screams and Kyle bites him. Later, he uses his rockets to launch him to the restroom, but suddenly, It’s Gru’s turn to go to the restroom instead of Dave's turn. Gru closed the door so Dave can klonk him. Carl puts the toilet roll to Dave. Dave hears Kyle’s bark and he sees a fire hydrant, so he grabs his toilet roll and runs to the fire hydrant.


*the title is a parody of the Alice in Wonderland character the Mad Hatter