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This character or material has only appeared in non-canon material (such as games, etc.) and is not related to the main story.

The Magician Minion Costume is a playable character in Minion Rush. It costs 60 costume cards and 10 coins to unlock or can be bought in occasional bundle offers in the Shop.


The Magician Minion Costume wears a white magician costume with a black cape, a black top hat and a red and yellow tie.


  • The costume's original coin price was 1,000, but the game makers changed it to 10 coins to help all players unlock it faster.
  • Magician's old power (in the previous version) was additional Bananas in every run. It used to collect 500% times more bananas than normal, making it the best costume for Banana events.
  • This costume is inspired by a plot in Despicable Me 2. Two minions dressed as magicians appear during Agnes' birthday party, where they attempt to perform a trick with Edith and a balloon. Then they try to play a trick with a chainsaw before being shooed off by Margo.
  • It is one of the original costumes released in v1.0.0 version on June 10, 2013.
  • Its skills changed upon the release of the game update v.6.5.0 (formerly shorter penalty in Avoid Missions, currently more Despicable Actions in Avoid Missions). Currently, a task that this costume's skills are required is performing DA's while avoiding collecting bananas and this costume's powers may seem to be a lot better than Lab Coat's, but avoiding bananas missions are extremely hard to complete. The old skills (shorter penalty) that were offered in the late jelly lab versions were much more helpful. As a matter of fact, until update v.6.4.0 there were no avoid missions at all, making this costume's powers useless. The game makers probably thought that giving shorter penalty in any costume made the avoid missions too easy even without any boost on running for time in this case.

Costs and Upgrades


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Cost 60 cards / 10 coins 20 cards / 500 coins 40 cards / 1,200 coins 100 cards / 3,300 coins
Passive Ability Get 75% more Despicable Actions in avoid missions Get 150% more Despicable Actions in avoid missions Get 225% more Despicable Actions in avoid missions Get 300% more Despicable Actions in avoid missions
Power-Up duration 10s 14s 18s 22s
SP's given 20 10 15 25
Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8
Cost 200 cards / 7,600 coins 400 cards / 17,300 coins 800 cards / 39,200 coins 1,600 cards / 88,000 coins
Passive Ability Get 375% more Despicable Actions in avoid missions Get 450% more Despicable Actions in avoid missions Get 525% more Despicable Actions in avoid missions Get 600% more Despicable Actions in avoid missions
Power-Up duration 26s 30s 34s 38s
SP's given 35 70 115 175


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