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A pair of sneakers are owned by Margo Gru.


Despicable Me[]

Margo is seen wearing the shoes for the majority of the film. She is also seen wearing them with her ballet outfit at one point.

Despicable Me 2[]

In the sequel, the sneakers receive an updated design, with the sides now having stripes on them and the brand's logo being inside of the circle. While at the Paradise Mall, Margo slips on them at the fountain.


Margo's Sneakers are a pair of red and white striped hi-top Converse sneakers with white laces.


  • In the first Despicable Me, the sneakers lacked the stripes and the logo on the circle in the side.
  • In Despicable Me 3, the shoes can be seen off to the side when she sleeps.
  • Minion Scouts is the first piece of media Margo isn't seen with them on.
  • In all three movies, the laces are untied. It's unknown if Margo prefers them this way.