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Everything is going to be fine. We're gonna be really happy here. Right?
— Margo to Edith and Agnes
Margo Gru
Margo Posing
Gender Female
Age 12 (Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2, Despicable Me 3)[1][2]

13 (Despicable Me 4)

Eye color Brown
Height 152 cm
Hair color Brown

Edith Gru
Agnes Gru
Felonius Gru
Lucy Wilde
Dr. Nefario
Dru Gru
Antonio Perez (formerly)
Niko (briefly)
Kyle Gru
Niko's Mother (briefly)
Ice Cream Vendor
Jeffrey Gru
Poppy Prescott
Lenny the Honey Badger


Miss Hattie
El Macho
Evil Minions
Antonio Perez
Balthazar Bratt
Kyle Gru (formerly)
Niko's Mother
Maxime Le Mal


Felonius Gru (adoptive father)
Robert Gru (adoptive paternal grandfather)
Henry Gru (adoptive maternal great-grandfather)
John Gru (adoptive maternal great-grandfather)


Lucy Wilde (adoptive mother)
Marlena Gru (adoptive paternal grandmother)
Madeleine Gru (adoptive maternal great-grandmother)


Despicable Me
Despicable Me 2
Home Makeover
Training Wheels
Despicable Me 3
The Secret Life of Kyle (cameo)
Minion Scouts
Midnight Mission
Minions & More 1
Despicable Me 4

Voiced by

Miranda Cosgrove

Margo Gru is the adopted eldest daughter of Felonius Gru and Lucy Wilde. Before she was adopted, and much like her younger sisters, Edith and Agnes, she was an orphan horribly treated by Miss Hattie. Like Edith and Agnes, Margo wished to be adopted by somebody who would love them. She is very disapproving of Edith's mischief, shown where Edith jumps in puddles which gets her and Agnes wet, and also when she breaks a vial of acid in Gru's kitchen.

She does join in with Edith's antics if it's against someone she doesn't like. She finds it very endearing when Agnes says innocent childlike things (although she does display mild irritation at Agnes' fixation with unicorns), the total opposite of Edith, who finds it irritating.

Margo appears in all four of the Despicable Me films and several of the mini movies.


Margo is a pale-skinned young girl with brown hair that is tied in a ponytail by a white hair tie with bangs tucked to the right side and left side, brown eyes and black square-rimmed glasses.

She is seen wearing a black T-shirt (pale blue in Universal Studios parks) with a white button shirt underneath it, a faded green jacket, a navy and purple plaid skirt with white socks and a pair of red and white striped hi-top Converse sneakers.

At night for sleeping, she wears an olive green nightgown with black and red at the sleeves and at the bottom, it has the number "87" on it.

Her T-shirt is shown to have three different designs from each movie:


Margo tends to be a sensitive and straight to the point of being a girl who is very untrusting of people, which is why she takes a long time to warm up to Felonius Gru. Despite her difficulty trusting people, she is quite optimistic telling the girls that they will be happy with Gru eventually. When Gru goes after them when they are kidnapped by Vector, she is happy to see him but she is still unsure whether to go back as he gave them away again, but she encouraged Edith and Agnes to jump when Gru makes a heartfelt apology. After he rescues them, she finally accepts him. When Gru told the story of how they changed his life and kisses them goodnight, Margo says that she loves him, finally viewing him as her dad. After Gru married Lucy Wilde, Margo had time accepting her as a mother especially when the latter tried too hard or too little in bonding with her and the others. However, after Lucy defended her from Niko's Mother, she did change her perspective and hugged her for defending her honor. She was also happy Lucy came to rescue her and the others from Bratt's destruction of Hollywood.


"Actually, we can't skip the dance class today."

She has a sarcastic sense of humor and wit, shown especially when Gru says not to touch anything, to which she replies 'Uh huh, what about the floor?' and 'And what about the air?', and she also mocks Gru's accent. She also implies Gru is stupid when he wishes to sell cookies to Vector straight away, whereas they usually go alphabetically- "We do the A's then the B's and the C's...". She can be quite smart. She is very mature for her apparent age. She sees through Gru's lies about his 'dog' and 'cousins', knowing that Kyle isn't a real dog at all and that his minions clearly aren't human. She outsmarts Gru several times by threatening to cause him grief or bargaining with him to get her own way, one occasion where he refuses to read to them and she says they will disturb all night long. Dru Gru initially believed Margo was 15 years old because she is so mature. She does have a fun loving side, such as throwing toilet paper around Gru's living room and having pillow fights with her sisters, but her highly protective nature towards her younger sisters means she must act the adult often. Margo is very good at ballet, she's the best compared to her younger sisters and enjoys it a lot. Margo also falls for boys, which Gru is very uncomfortable with her doing.


Despicable Me

Margo is one of the girls staying in Miss Hattie's Home for Girls where she tries to act hopeful to Miss Hattie, but when she reports to her the cookie sales, Miss Hattie is angry and warns Margo and her sisters that if they don't sell enough, they will be put in the Box of Shame. She, along with Edith and Agnes are adopted by Gru. At first, she dislikes him and refuses to accept him as her new father while he doesn't pay this any mind.

However, she eventually learned to get along with him, when he takes them to an amusement park. She was amazed when he defended Agnes and won her a prize, while destroying a booth. Margo and Edith approved of this, with both sides learning to care for her in return. Margo and the girls also tell Gru to go through with the moon heist and encourage him to build a rocket. They also bond with Gru's mother who teases him by showing the girls pictures of him as a kid.

Their relationship as father and daughter is broken briefly when Dr. Nefario sent her, Edith and Agnes back to Miss Hattie. It is somewhat rebuilt after the girls were kidnapped by Vector who demanded the moon from Gru, in exchange for releasing the girls. Gru delivered the moon, but Vector goes back on his word swearing to give him a beating for it as the girls eagerly await his arrival. Surely enough, Gru easily evades all of Vector's defenses to reach them but Vector flies off in his ship with his captives.

While in the sky, Margo noticed the Moon was starting to grow back to normal and alerted her sisters who tried to warn Vector. As the moon grew, its size caused Vector to lose control and fling through the air, putting the girls at risk. When Gru comes to their aid, Margo would be forced to jump from Vector's ship during a life-threatening situation. Vector seized her but lost his grip because of the ship and Margo started to fall to the ground while Gru went after her.

Once Gru rescued her, she was touched by his kindness and he readopted them as his daughters. At the end, Gru told the girls a story that subtly hints at how happy he is with them in his life. Before leaving, he kissed them on the head but when he got to Margo she got up to hug him and said she loved him finally accepting him as her father. Although shocked at first, Gru is touched by these words and admits he loved her in return.

Home Makeover

The Social Worker telephones Gru's house and Margo answers. Margo gets scared when the Social Worker tells her (making Gru´s voice) that he is coming to check if the house is good for children. Margo tells the girls and the Minions and they all help to turn the house appropriate. When the Social Worker arrives, she dresses as Gru (with a minion's help using Gru's clothes). The Social Worker says the house is appropriate for children, but then Gru arrives, the Social Worker faints at seeing two Grus at the time. Gru is happy for it, but he also faints when he sees his house looking girly.

Minion Mayhem

During most of the ride until the anti-gravity recycling room, Margo controls a type of levitating hovercraft.

Despicable Me 2

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Margo and Antonio Perez (Margo's first love)

Margo helps out Agnes' birthday party by dressing up as a knight and entertaining Agnes' guests. Later that night, Margo is seen texting a friend named "Avery" by Felonius Gru. Concerned that she might be talking to a guy behind his back, he asks her whether Avery is a boy or a girl.

The next day, Margo and her sisters set Gru up for online dating, under Edith's tips (the girl having overheard neighbor Jillian trying to set him up for a date). At Paradise Mall, Margo, popping by to check out Gru's spywork with Lucy Wilde (who Agnes thinks is "single" and trying to set them up, embarrassing Gru if the trashy landing wasn't enough), encounters and falls for Antonio Perez, who is revealed to be the son of Eduardo Perez, much to Gru's horror, especially with Gru thinking Eduardo is former infamous supervillain El Macho. Realizing Margo and Antonio's budding relationship, Edith Gru and Agnes Gru inform him that Margo has a boyfriend, in which he gets angry, abandons his spying on Floyd Eaglesan and the job at hand, and tries to separate the two while Margo goes on a "date" with Antonio that is stopped by Gru. Much to Gru's chagrin, Eduardo invites the family to his Cinco de Mayo party.

At said Cinco de Mayo party, Margo splits up to dance with Antonio; later on, after Gru's momentary diversion to Eduardo's secret basement, Gru finds a depressed Margo, who tells him that Antonio is dancing with another girl and he has cheated on her. Gru comforts her and tells her that the boy made a mistake in passing her up as she thanks him for his words. However, the second she leaves, he freezes Antonio with a freeze ray in revenge for hurting her.

After they get home, Gru tells her, Edith and Agnes to stay home while he goes to save Lucy (under Dr. Nefario's tip) because Eduardo is in fact El Macho (Edith is excited about this revelation). The next day, while Margo plays a unicorn-themed board game with Agnes, they hear a strange growling noise - this is Kevin, infected by the PX-41 serum. She and Agnes retreat to the lab, joined by Edith, when they're cornered by the rogue Minion. However, someone - revealed to be Dr. Nefario, who defected back to Gru's side seeing El Macho take Lucy away, showing the PX-49 antidote, made from the sour tastes of Gru's jelly and a special mixture that neutralizes the effects of PX-41. Nefario later takes the girls (much to Gru's chagrin) to El Macho's lair, where they help save Gru and the infected Minions, and later on join Gru and Lucy's wedding.


Margo is watching a movie with her family when Dave's pet UFO suddenly destroyed the television because of the fictional UFO that it thought was real and was attacking them.

Training Wheels

Margo is seen with Edith and Agnes when they hear an ice cream truck and head out on their bikes to get some ice cream, while Margo and Edith head down the street with the other kids not knowing that Agnes had fallen off her bike, she and Edith are amazed when they see Agnes on her new bike and they all began to go down the road, the girls finally make to the ice cream truck however before they could get treated to some ice cream a robber comes out of the jewelry store and carjacked the truck with the ice cream and drives away.

Margo and the other kids watched the truck take off and then they all witness Agnes going after the thief Margo then gets worried about Agnes and they all follow her. After Agnes stop the Jewels Thief and saved the day Margo and Edith are enjoyed by the raining ice cream and cheer for Agnes, later Margo was sorry that Agnes' bike blow up, but Agnes didn't care as she said she likes her other bike better. Margo and Edith are once again amazed as Agnes' bike transformed in robotic suit and they both watch her fly away.

Despicable Me 3

Margo, along with her two sisters, is seen surprising Gru and Lucy with a backyard luau they had prepared for them. She is upset when Gru admits that he and Lucy lost their job at the AVL. Much later, they learn that they will go on a trip to visit Gru's newly revealed twin brother Dru. At Freedonia, Margo is amazed at meeting her new wealthy uncle who proceeds to treat her and the others with kindness as well as gifts.

Very soon, Fritz takes Margo, Edith, Agnes, and Lucy to go visit the annual Freedonian Cheese Festival. There, Margo imparts words of advice to Lucy to become a good mother. This leads to Lucy demanding Margo to help a boy named Niko by eating his serving of cheese as part of a traditional dance. Margo reluctantly agrees and takes a bite of his cheese, causing mass celebration and admonishment from Niko. Soon, Niko and his mother arrive at Dru's mansion and berate Lucy and Margo for refusing Niko's engagement pig. Margo is scared until Lucy mightily storms in and defends Margo. Margo later hugs Lucy for this act.

Margo and her sisters are later kidnapped by Balthazar Bratt and end up stranded on top of a building. While Gru and Dru fight Balthazar Bratt at Hollywood, Lucy heads off and tries to rescue the girls. The building they were on starts to collapse and the three girls are left hanging on the edge. Lucy gets to the building and uses bubblegum to grab the girls when they fall and gets them to safe ground. Margo hugs and thanks Lucy for this and they run off.

Minion Scouts


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  • "Let me go!" Margo yelling at Vector after he grabs her to let her go.
  • "Oh! Edith, stop it!" - Margo in annoyance after Edith splashes in puddles.
  • "I hate boys." Margo after her replacement from Antonio when he cheated on her at Eduardo's Cinco De Mayo party.
  • "I don't see anything." Margo mentioning that there is nothing wrong until an Evil Minion breaks into their window.
  • "Agnes, no!" - Margo warning Agnes that the Evil Minion will bite if she tries to get her fluffy unicorn from him.
  • "No one. Just my friend Avery." Margo to Gru after he asks her who she's texting.
  • "No way!"- Margo to Lucy after she suggests to take a bite of a poor boys cheese (due to the fact Margo still hates boys).


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