Despicable Me Wiki
  • "Let me go!" Margo yelling at Vector after he grabs her to let her go.
  • "Oh! Edith, stop it!" - Margo in annoyance after Edith splashes in puddles.
  • "I'm Margo." - When Margo introduces herself to Antonio
  • "I hate boys." Margo after her replacement from Antonio when he cheated on her at Eduardo's Cinco De Mayo party.
  • "I don't see anything." Margo mentioning that there is nothing wrong until an Evil Minion breaks into their window.
  • "Agnes, no!" - Margo warning Agnes that the Evil Minion will bite if she tries to get her fluffy unicorn from him.
  • "No one. Just my friend Avery." Margo to Gru after he asks her who she's texting.
  • "No way!"- Margo to Lucy after she suggests to take a bite of a poor boys cheese (due to the fact Margo still hates boys).