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Marlena Gru
Marlena Gru
Full name Marlena Gru
Status Alive
Species Human
Gender Female
Age (Despicable Me) 81
(Despicable Me 2) 82
(Despicable Me 3) 83

(Despicable Me 4) 84
(Minions) 38
(Minions: The Rise of Gru) 46

Eye color Blue
Hair color White (formerly brown)

Karate student Diving student (Despicable Me 3 Only)


Felonius Gru
Dru Gru
The Minions
Lucy Wilde
Vincenzo and Paolo
Margo Gru
Edith Gru
Agnes Gru


Vicious 6 (except Wild Knuckles) Minions (formerly)


Henry Gru (deceased)


Madeleine Gru (deceased)


Robert Gru (ex-husband) (deceased)


Felonius Gru (son)
Dru Gru (son)
Agnes (adopted youngest granddaughter)
Margo (adopted oldest granddaughter)
Edith (adopted middle granddaughter)
Gru Jr. (grandson)


Despicable Me
Despicable Me 2 (cameo)
Despicable Me 3
Minions: The Rise of Gru
Despicable Me 4 (cameo)

Voiced by

Julie Andrews

Good luck with that.
— Marlena

Marlena Gru (also known as Gru's Mom) is a supporting character in the Despicable Me franchise.

She is Felonius Gru and Dru Gru's mother, Lucy Wilde's mother-in-law, Robert Gru's ex-wife, the adoptive paternal grandmother of Margo, Edith and Agnes and the biological paternal grandmother of Gru Jr. She is voiced by Julie Andrews.


Marlena has a prominent chin and a tall beehive-like hairstyle. Despite her size, she is very strong and skilled in karate, and is capable of kicking a punching bag with so much force that it knocked her karate instructor across a room. She has a long nose that is typically seen throughout the Gru bloodline.

In the Minions movies, she has brown and black hair, which was worn in a beehive-like hairstyle but her clothes change through the eras, from a mod dress to a white collared shirt and patterned bell bottom pants.


Early Life[]

Shortly after the birth of her twin sons Dru and Felonius, Marlena divorced her husband Robert and made an agreement that either of them died for Gru and Dru’s side. She became Gru's guardian while Robert became Dru's guardian. However, Marlena rarely even paid attention to Gru, much to the latter's chagrin.

Despicable Me[]

When Gru phoned her as he was driving to the Bank of Evil, he told her that he was planning something very big and that when she heard about it, she would be very proud, to which she cynically responded, "Well, good luck with that." Later, as Gru was building his rocket (and having a fun time with the girls), she came to his house and showed the girls several embarrassing pictures of Gru's childhood, much to his annoyance.

She later attended the girls' ballet dance, where she finally told her son that she was proud of him and that he "turned out to be a great parent, just like me. Maybe even better." At first, Gru was still a little cold towards her because of her previous neglect, but smiled when she stated that he was even better than her. When the music changed to You Should Be Dancing, she, along with everyone else, rushed onstage to dance and ended up dancing together with Dr. Nefario.

Despicable Me 2[]

She also makes a non-speaking cameo appearance near the end of the second film where she is seen attending the wedding of her son. During the wedding first Gru's family and friends (except the Minions) take a photo, then the minions come into the photo.


She also appears in the film Minions; she and her son attended Villain-Con and looked at Dr. Nefario's new invention, the Freeze Ray. In the film's credits, it's shown that she has a portrait that resembles Mona Lisa but it's later vandalized by Minions and her son, which makes her considerably upset.

Despicable Me 3[]

Marlena is seen practicing diving with other young trainers named Vincenzo and Paolo in a fancy pool. When Gru comes to her, asking his mother about his twin Dru, Marlena is first surprised and then admits that he does have an extended family, and she tells him the story, noting that she had "second pick", Gru. She is never seen for the rest of the film.

Minions: The Rise of Gru[]

Coming soon

Despicable Me 4[]

In Despicable Me 4, Marlena appears in a short cameo at the end, seen in Gru's backyard.


Marlena and Gru are always disagreeable and she often neglects him, while he doesn't appreciate her terrible parenting either. Ironically, she somehow warms up to Gru's adoptive daughters.

Exactly the opposite of Robert Gru, she is not interested in villainy and therefore prefers Dru more than Felonius.


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