Despicable Me Wiki
  • She seems to bear a somewhat resemblance to Granny Puckett from Hoodwinked!.
  • She had known to be habit of love and grooming for young man who is younger than her at least 20 years:
    • Such as two young and handsome men escorted her out of the swimming pool after finished her diving lesson in Despicable Me 3.
    • Further evidenced that in Minion: Rise of Gru, she had at least briefly attracted to a guru man that is teaching her yoga who is younger than her 20 years.
    • Strangely, she had a brief attraction on Dr. Nefario and later dance with him in Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2, despite she is older than him 12 years.
  • It is possible that she and Robert Gru were arranged to marry each other by their parents (possibly Robert's adoptive dad and her parents), which ended in their divorce.