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Maxime Le Mal owns a roach ship which is used to track Gru.


It is a cockroach-esque ship with brown features (in other versions of the movie, the ship's color is green). In the front is the main piloting area, while in the back are mechanical roach legs.


Despicable Me 4[]

Maxime and Valentina use this to track down Gru. While on their way, they run out of fuel, prompting them to stop by a gas station. After the ship is full, Valentina directs the ship to Mayflower under Maxime's orders, and take off once they kidnap Gru Jr., who pees on the controls later on. While they're being chased by Gru and Poppy, Maxime attempts to ward them off by kicking their transportation with one of the cockroach legs. The ship eventually falls down an under-construction building while chasing down Gru.


  • The exterior roach ship resembles a cockroach.
  • In miscellaneous versions of the movie, the roach ship color is green, while the original version color is reddish brown.
  • It is also the third antagonist's vehicle to be destroyed, with the first being Vector's Rescue Airship and the second being Bratt's Robot.