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"I'm unstoppable!"
— Maxime Le Mal
Maxime Le Mal
Maxine Le Mal
Status Incarcerated
Species Human-cockroach hybrid (formerly)
Gender Male
Age 47
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown



Valentina (girlfriend)


Gru (archenemy)
Lucy Wilde
Gru, Jr.
The Minions
Poppy Prescott
Mega Minions
Anti-Villain League


Despicable Me 4

Voiced by

Will Ferrell

Maxime Le Mal is the main antagonist of Despicable Me 4.

Maxime is a former student of the villain school, Lycée Pas Bon, who is a cockroach hybrid who sought revenge on Gru. He developed a hatred for Gru after the latter stole his song at the 9th grade talent show. Maxime sought revenge on Gru and his family after Gru successfully arrested Maxime, causing his internment in AVL prison.

He is also the boyfriend of Valentina. Maxime was voiced by Will Ferrell.




Maxime has brown eyes and hair, with a long nose and pointy chin. He wears round glasses and a yellow bow tie. Additionally, he wears a green coat with a golden cockroach motif and an ermine fur collar.



"I'm coming for my revenge, Gru!"
— - Maxime La Mal

A long time ago, unknown how Gru and Maxime met on villain school and became enemies at their villain school have history each other, Lycée Pas Bon, During a school dance, Maxime pulled down Gru's pants, humiliating him in front of all the students. The rivalry between Maxime and Gru would begin because Gru stole his song during a High School talent show. Maxime was recognized as one of the best students of the Principal Übelschlecht and he began dating Valentina.

Despicable Me 4[]

During the reunion party, he is awarded, and reveals that he has fused himself with a cockroach to be an unstoppable force of evil. He is, however, outsmarted by Gru & AVL, and taken into custody. During a cell visit, he breaks out of his binds & threatens Gru & his family, forcing Silas Ramsbottom to transfer them to Mayflower.

After he is broken out of prison by his girlfriend Valentina, he reveals his newest invention, a device that can also turn people into human-roach hybrids, & targets Gru's son. The pair go off in a roach airship, but run out of fuel on the way. They stop by at a gas station and Maxime fails to go through with refilling the ship, so he turns to the attendant for help. However, he is angered by his response and uses his device on him.

Later, he is contacted by Principal Übelschlecht on Gru's whereabouts and kidnaps Gru Jr., turning him into a human-roach hybrid and putting° him under his control. Eventually, Gru Jr. turns on him and he is taken out by falling off a construction area and being trampled by the Mega Minions. Once he is arrested again (alongside Valentina), Gru visits him, instigating a friendly argument that leads to them singing "Everybody Wants to Rule the World", in front of the AVL prison.


  • He is a dark reflection of Gru.
  • In other versions of the movie, Maxime's cockroach form, ship, army, and device are colored green instead of brown.
  • He is the only Despicable Me villain who does not know Margo, Edith and Agnes.
  • He is also the second Despicable Me villain to not abduct Margo, Edith and Agnes. Previously it was only Eduardo Pérez, although Maxime abducted Gru Jr.