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Minion Rush Mega Minion Bottle

The Mega Minion is an item / power-up in Minion Rush. It is a large chemical bottle with a purple liquid and "XXL" on it. This liquid has the ability to turn its consumers into giant versions of themselves. When the player's Minion runs into this item, it will become a giant for a number of seconds. While in giant form, the player's Minion will be able to smash obstacles that seldomly spawn in the middle of the path, as well as crush or kick away other Minions on the sides.

However, the player must tilt the screen left and right in order to control their, now giant, Minion. If this item is used correctly, the player can gain a lot of Despicable Actions, which increase the overall score. In the previous versions (Jelly Lab and before) it could be purchased and upgraded in the Shop. Now, this power-up is not available as stand-alone gadget, but is upgradable via some costume upgrades.  

Mega Minion 1

It is one of the three power-ups, the other being the Fluffy Unicorn and the Moon that doesn't appear during a run, unless a costume that features it is used for the mission. After unlocking this item and when the right costume is used, the Mega Minion will spawn randomly during runs covered by a green aura. The Mega Minion, along with the Moon are the only power-ups where Bananas can't be found. 



  • Regardless of what is ahead of the player's path when the Mega Minion is used, the player's enlarged Minion will always be transported to a straight path with obstacles in the middle and several Minions screaming and running away from him. 
  • For some reason, when using the Mega Minion in Downtown, the camera will be slightly zoomed out on the player's Minion.  
  • El Macho's Lair, Minion Beach, Prison, and Holiday Lab are the only four locations in Minion Rush whose Minions sport a completely different design while using the Mega Minion (Evil Minions in El Macho's Lair, Minions in swimsuits at Minion Beach, Minions in prison uniforms in the Prison, and Santa Minions in Holiday Lab).
  • In Update 2.0.1. (the Jelly Lab Update), the Mega Minion must be unlocked (if not unlocked previously) on level 16.