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The Mega Minions are a group of superheroes that appear in Despicable Me 4. They were created by Silas Ramsbottom as part of an experiment to test out a new super-serum. Five Minions named Dave, Gus, Tim, Mel, and Jerry were selected and became the Mega Minions. They are voiced by Pierre Coffin (Minions).


Mega Minion Dave[]

Dave's size increased tremendously, standing almost twice as tall and wide as a regular minion. He also has tremendous strength.

Mega Minion Gus[]

Gus has a cone shaped head that makes him resemble a bullet or rocket. He wears a cape and has the power to fly.

Mega Minion Tim[]

Tim is very tall, almost as tall as Mega Dave, and gained the power to stretch his body to great lengths. He uses this power to interact with stuff that would normally be out of his reach.

Mega Minion Mel[]

Mel's appearance remains the same, except for a laser coming from his goggles. The laser is powerful enough to burn a hole through the earth, and to cut a satellite in half.

Mega Minion Jerry[]

Jerry's body became spherical with a rock-like texture. He is super tanky, and he can chomp through tough materials like brick and metal. He can roll like a ball to ram through stuff.


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  • The Super-Serum is permanent to Dave, Gus, Tim, Mel, and Jerry, which means they will remain as Mega Minions forever and will not be able to revert back to normal minions.
  • The start of Mega Minions happened when a minion is seen wearing a "I Love Mega Dave" t-shirt.
  • In a movie theater standee for the movie, Mega Dave is seen fist bumping with Mega Jerry which confirms that they might be friends in the movie.
  • Tim and Jerry’s powers can be seen as similar to Mr. Fantastic and The Thing from the Fantastic Four. Mel's power is similar to Cyclops from the X-Men.
  • Ron was supposed to be the sixth and final Mega Minion. His power would have been super speed, but the idea was scrapped and Ron was changed into a Pit Crew Minion instead.


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