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Ilumination's The Megaverse, also known as The Megaverse or just Megaverse, is a stunt made up by Illumination Entertainment, which consist of joke/fake productions, and is a a parody of shared universes, such as the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and the DCEU (DC Extended Universe). Illumination came up with the Megaverse as a way to lampoon and ridicule the current affairs of Hollywood.

List of films in the Megaverse[]

Despicable Me 4 (2024)[]

The Gru Family's peaceful existence comes crashing down when criminal mastermind Maxime Le Mal escapes from prison and vows revenge against Gru.

Mega Minions (2027)[]

Following the events of DM4, the Megas must prove that they are worthy of continued investment from the Anti-Villain League.

Mega Minions 2 (2030)[]

The Mega Minions face their biggest challenge: recreating the joy of their first adventure and heightened expectations and scrutiny.

Mega Minions 3 (2032)[]

The Mega Minions fight superhero fatigue by experimenting with new suits and surprising emotional complexity.

Mega Minions Mega Musical! (2034)[]

The Mega Minions' origin story is reimagined as a show-stopping jukebox musical, live on broadway.

Mega Minions Legacy (2036)[]

The Mega Minions must return to the spotlight after the Anti-Villain League's quarterly earnings dramatically miss estates.

Mega Minions Once upon a Time at Villain-Con (2038)[]

Egos collide in a saga of ambition and betrayal when the Mega Minions arrive at Villain-Con to compete in the contest for Best Costume.

Mega Minions Déjà Dru (2041)[]

The Mega Minions find themselves reliving Dru's backyard birthday celebration every day in an infinite time loop.

Illumination's bello - a mega minion's story (2041)[]

Mega Jerry searches for love in all the wrong places.

Mega Minions Echoes of the Abyss (2043)[]

After Mega Jerry is given his own solo adventure, the Megas battle jealousy (and sea monsters) deep in the Pacific.

Mega Minions Symphony of Sabotage (2046)[]

Hynoptized by a tyrannical orchestra conductor, the Mega Minions push themselves to the breaking point for the perfect performance.

Mega Minions Electric Gru-Galoo (2048)[]

The Mega Minions form a street dance crew, using popping, locking, and back-spinning to compete for the world dance championship.

Mega Minions Despicable in Denver (2051)[]

The Mega Minions are tasked with delivering horses to a man who looks like Gru.

Mega Agnes - Unicorn Kingdom (2056)[]

The Mega Minions and Agnes protect a family of unicorns from an enemy who aims to turn them into horses.

Mega Minions Money Moves (2059)[]

The Mega Minions attempt to outsmart the Bank of Evil with unconventional investment strategies that could leave them penniless.

Mega Minions - The Gru Towers (2061)[]

The Mega Minions set out to build Gru the world's tallest duplex, putting them in the crosshairs of the local zoning authority.

Untitled Mega Minion Spin-off (2064)[]

Story to be determined based on rigorous market testing and ad hoc decision-making.

Mega Minions PX-41 (2066)[]

The Mega must confront their darkest fears when evil versions of themselves arrive from a parallel timeline.

Mega Minions - Home for the Holidays (2069)[]

Stuck at the AVL during a snowstorm, the Mega Minions are visited by the Ghosts of Minions Past, Present, and Future.

Mega Minions - The Tax Write Off (2071)[]

The AVL finds itself entangled in a complex audit. Will the Mega Minions be buried in itemized receipts or conquer the spreadsheet of destiny?

Mega Minions Quantum of Soulless (2074)[]

The Mega Minions struggle to stay engaged while battling a bland corporate villain with generic evil intent.

Mega Minions - Vector Vortex (2076)[]

Trapped in an alternate dimension ruled by Vector, the Mega Minions must navigate bizarre landscapes with direction and magnitude.

Mega Minions - Escape from Edith (2079)[]

The Mega Minions lose $50 after betting Edith can't defeat them in hand-to-hand combat.

Mega Minions Galactic Age (2081)[]

The Mage Minions respond to a deep space distress call to find a planet of aliens plotting to steal all of Earth's peanut butter candies.

Mega Minions Enigma of Evil (2084)[]

Mega Jerry's decision to read more goes horribly wrong when the first book he picks up contains an ancient evil that awakens the dead.

Mega Minions Gru World Order (2086)[]

When Gru Jr. accidentally becomes the ruler of an alien planet, the Mega Minions team up with King Bob to keep things from going off the rails.

Mega Minions Apocalypse Later (2089)[]

Convinced the world will end on Y2100, the Mega Minions gave away all of their possessions and move into a doomsday bunker.

Mega Minions - Multiverse of Margos (2091)[]

A villain emerges with the power to change history, forcing the Mega Minions to navigate a labyrinth of plot holes to preserve continuity.

Mad Mega Furry Road (2094)[]

The Mega Minions find themselves imprisoned in a post-apocalyptic city populated by anthropomorphic party animals.

Mega Minions Summer House (2096)[]

The Mega Minions make their reality debut in a show that forces them to live with their enemies in a luxurious summer house.

Mega Minions Mega Musical On Ice (2099)[]

The Mega Musical ends its run on Broadway and find a new home at the ice rink in Jacksonville.

Untitled Mega Minion TV Series (2101)[]

A placeholder for experimenting with bold new stories that our film audience won’t appreciate.

Mega Minion Island (2104)[]

Mega Jerry stars in a tropical reality dating show, searching for love while navigating alliances and dodging scripted romances.

Mega Minions Year One, Part One (2106)[]

Accidentally sent to the dawn of time, the Mega Minions embark on an epic quest to invent the wheel.

Mega Minions Time Heist (2109)[]

Thousands of years after Year One, Part One, the Mega Minions finally return to the year of their creation. Can they capitalize on nostalgia to revive their fan base.

Mega Minions Reimagined (2111)[]

Classic Mega Minion tales are lifted and remixed for a new generation by French bulldogs armed with artificial intelligence.

Mega Minions Beyond Time (2114)[]

Facing their greatest enemy yet –boredom– the Megas plan an over-the-top, all-or-nothing, finale, filled with every trope known to Minionkind.


  • Some of the current affairs Hollywood suffered from, which is the reason for the idea of the Megaverse, includes the failed 2022 DCEU film Black Adam, the cancellation of several Warner Bros, films, and the mixed reception of many of the recent productions by Marvel.