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Midnight Mission is an Illumination short film featuring the Minions. It is set to be released with Migration on Blu-ray/DVD/Digital

*The short released earlier in Mexico via iTunes Extras on February 6, 2024.



Featured Song[]

Midnight City


The short was set to be originally released in 2022 with the home release of Minions: The Rise of Gru alongside Post Modern Minion and Minions and Monsters[1] before being strangely moved to release in 2023 instead with the home release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie[2], until eventually being moved further to 2024 likely due to Nintendo being strict with their decisions, eventually releasing with the upcoming* home release of Migration alongside Mooned and Fly Hard[3]

*It was previously set to release February 1st on iTunes Extras in Mexico before being moved to February 6 instead.


  • Despite being released in 2024, the short has a copyright date of 2022 confirming even further it's original release plan.
  • This is the only Illumination short at the moment to have it's release date changed.
  • This is also the first Minions short where no toilet or cringe humor is present at all which has lead to a more positive reception from fans.
  • The short is supposed to takes place between the events of Despicable Me 2 and Despicable Me 3 as Agnes still has her old unicorn plush.
  • Agnes is already voiced by Madison Polan here which predates Despicable Me 4 by two years if the copyright date is to be taken seriously.
  • The Minions for some reason don't have their iconic "Gru" symbol on their overalls despite taking place after it was plastered on them.