Michael “Mike” is one of the Minions.


Mike has two eyes and combed hair.


Mike is sweet and nice to people. He also has an interest with kittens. His traits and characteristics are somewhat similar to ​Dave's. He is an obedient worker and very hardworking.


Mike is a Minion who worked in the mail-room with Ken. Unfortunately, Ken is slacking off and playing video games, but when he threw an expired PX-41 serum and jams a tube, Mike is force to take it out himself. As he is reaching it he is splashed with the serum causing him to turn into an Evil Minion. Fortunately he changes back but is not fully normal. As they both got to work, Ken noticed that the mail stopped, and sees Mike turn into an Evil Minion and ate all the packages, Ken took the advantage of playing while Mike is eating. Continuing to change back, Ken laughs while watching Mike.

A box of kittens are approaching Mike, almost being eaten, Ken saves the kittens while running from Mike climbing to the top of a pile of packages Ken reaches the top with no where to run. Luckily, Mike changes back then falls, Ken runs to mike with the kittens, Mike admired the kittens but coughs out all of the serum, turning back to normal, the kittens mutate and attack Mike and Ken.



  • Mike is the only Minion who is turned into an Evil Minion in the mini movie.
  • He doesn't make any appearances on either Despicable Me films, and it's also unclear whether he is eaten by the mutated kittens or not.
  • It is possible that Mike is allergic to kittens.
  • As an Evil Minion, he is the only one to wear his original uniform.
  • He is the only Minion that, as an Evil Minion, is cured from the PX-41 serum other than the antidote, as the serum is expired.
  • Mike is mentioned in the beginning of the film Minions.



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