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  • [The episode starts with Kevin looking at his vacation trip slip]
  • Kevin: Ooh... [Dave, Alazraqui, and Dee Dee appear behind him and speak Minionese with excited, Kevin rushes away from them and waves his finger] No, no no no no. [He rushes away. He checks his drawer, he finds Carl inside]
  • Carl: Bello. [He rises to an angry Kevin]
  • Kevin: Nasibarata!
  • [Kevin then closes his suitcase and sees Dave dressed as a hula dancer]
  • Eugene: Bello. [Kevin growls in anger. He then arrives at the airport, but when he goes through the sensing machine, it turns on its sirens for alert. Kevin, confused, puts his hand through his vacation suit, and pulls Jerry out]
  • Kevin: Balomano?
  • [Kevin drops Jerry. Kevin walks into the airplane]
  • Jerry: Bello. [Kevin screams upon seeing Jerry dressed as a flight attendant. Now infuriated, Kevin storms to the plane door with Jerry and kicks the latter away, sending him screaming. The plane takes off and arrives at another airport. Kevin waits for his baggage to be checked, but Minions begin popping out and the airport bursts. The Minions land on a beach, and Kevin pops out of the sand and takes a look around. Carl offers him water, which he accepts and drinks]

[End of Episode]