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Minion Break was a special mission in Minion Rush from November 1st, 2017, available in the 5.0.0 main update. It was the fifth and last part of The Strike Saga, although it was originally scheduled to last six episodes. This episode's story is a reference to the Despicable Me 3 movie where the minions who had broken into the theater for Sing audition and went to jail, attempted to break free.

In this episode, the objective items were Batteries, Prison Uniforms and Toilets, and prizes like perks, prize pods, golden tickets, market tickets, tokens, Mel and Island Hopper cards were offered.

The host area was the new Prison. The new fever was called Jailbird Fever.

Dave's new offered costume was Prisoner and appeared only in the market at the price of 7,000 market tickets. Also, Island Hopper appeared in the market for 500 market tickets.

For this episode only, the three-lap structure returned, making the special mission last longer to finish but gave more blueprints, golden tickets and prize pods as rewards. It was officially announced that the reason why three laps came back, was to help players enjoy the new area longer. Unofficially, it was almost impossible to fit a sixth episode for a minimum usual duration of 21 days before the winter holidays came, which would have required a new theme. Therefore, the 10 remaining Mel cards that were promised were included in this one and were found in Laps 2 and 3.