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Minion Glider

The Minion Glider was a power-up that appeared in Despicable Me: Minion Rush. It was added to the game in update 2.8.1. as part of the new Spring Is Back! special mission, which took place in the Residential Area.

When this prop was activated, three appeared randomly during the run, replacing all the other power-ups. When ran into, the player was attached to a glider being dragged by a blue car. They simply tapped the screen to glide upwards, allowing them to catch several Bananas and special items, such as umbrellas, flowers, or butterflies during the mission. To reach lower items, they simply didn't tap the screen at all, which allowed them to glide downwards. Special Bananas, which were much bigger than normal one and is equal 10 bananas, also appeared while gliding that when collected, which increased the player's Despicable Multiplier.

Minion Gliders could be obtained by paying 20,000 bananas or 50 tokens (depending by many variables of the player), or winning them from completed levels or prize presents.


  • Minion Glider was similar to Lucy's Car in Despicable Me 2, and the usage was inspired by the dragging scene of Stuart.
  • The player's Minion made the same sound as when firing from the Minion Launcher when they accessed the Minion Glider. And the music was as same as the secret area in El Macho's Lair.
  • Unlike other special mission items such as Snowboards, Skateboards, and BMX Bikes, less items were collected before the time is out.
  • If a Minion Glider was missed while running, it respawned elsewhere in the same run, and so all usable props after the mission Extreme Sports at June 2015.