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And then, when all hopes seem lost, they found sanctuary....The minions were safe!
— The Narrator

The Minion Ice Cave is a location in the film Minions. The location was where the Minions shelter between 1812 to 1968.

The reason the writers had them living in the Arctic for most of the 20th century was because the "searching for the most evil person available" thing unintentionally implied that the Minions would end up working for Adolf Hitler.



During the war between France and Russia in 1812, the Minions accidentally hit Napoleon Bonaparte by a cannon, so they had to flee in the snowy land in Russia. Later, they found a cave so they forged their own civilization there.

Yet, the Minions became depressed as time went by, because there was no villain to serve for. So Kevin decided to leave the cave to find a boss, along with Stuart and Bob. Later, the Minions found some Yetis so they made the leader of the yeti as their new boss.

Later, Kevin calls back to the cave in the way to Scarlet's Castle, and a minion tells him that they had found a new boss. At that moment, the leader yeti was suddenly killed by a falling block of ice, and the remaining yetis were so angry that they drove the Minions out of the cave. As the result, the Minions managed to go to London to find Kevin.

On the junior novel adaptation of the movie, Scarlet and Herb Overkill are here after the rocket dress explodes, and later, Scarlet becomes the queen of the Yetis.


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