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The Minion Launcher is a booster in Minion Rush. It is a large cannon that can appear in a blue color, or multicolored (in El Macho’s Lair only), as shown in the picture to the right. Boosters and Perks appear at the beginning of a mission in the game.

In the previous versions (Jelly Lab and before) it could be purchased and upgraded in the Shop. It was categorized as a Power-up and used to be upgradable by spending tokens. The Minion Launcher's purpose is to give the player a head start. More specifically it offers half of the first objective's goal in missions. For example, if the first star (objective) requires collecting 100 bananas, the launcher will grant the runner 50. In the previous versions (Jelly Lab era), the launcher gave only meters as a head start no matter what the task was, so it was best chosen in tasks that required running for meters.  

A free use of the Minion Launcher is given to the player as part of the main game tutorial and only after reaching Rank level 3. In the original versions (pre-Jelly Lab or "veteran era") the Launcher could be earned after collecting three daily Bapples and opening a pod. The Minion Launcher, along with the PX-41Freeze RayMinion ShieldBanana Vacuum, and Banana Splitter is one of several items that does not require the player to tilt the screen in order to use. 

The picture gallery below shows different graphic designs of the Launcher as it appeared in the early versions of the game. The wiki team decided to keep them as a tribute.