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a toy version of the Minion Mobile

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Minion Mobiles are vehicles used by the Minions to transport something faster.


The 1st film appearance of the Minion Mobile

it was first seen in Despicable Me that Mark, Tim and Phil drove to the Market

Minions Mobiles And Jelly

The 2nd film appearance of the Minion Mobile

it was last seen Despicable Me 2, when we see the jelly factory, there are dosens of Minion Mobiles carrying fruit for the Jelly and Jams that were drove by many Tall minions with spout hair, possibly Kevin or Tim or other unknown Tall minions with spout hair


  • Durring the Events of Despicable Me 3 its unknown of what became of all of the Minion Mobiles because it didnt show up in the movie
  • The ones that didnt drive the Minion Mobile are Mel, Bob, Kevin (first film version), Stuart, Norbert and Jerry (plump version) Dave (one eyed version from Minions)
  • Its unknown when they were created,
  • The Minion Mobile is also seen as a Obstacle in the Residential Area and the Halloween Residental Area in Despicable Me: Minion Rush, tho its rare to see it as a obstacle
  • The Minion Mobile is a smaller and slightly shorter version of the Grumobile for minions only
  • The only disguised Minions that drove the Minion Mobile are Mark Tim and Phil (1st film Phil not the Minions Paradise or Despicable Me 2 phil)
  • The only thing that the Minion Mobile has hit something is a handicap parking sign at the Supermarket where they got the Unicorn "Toy" or as the Minions call it, Papoy,
  • The Minion mobile can act like a forklift in the Jelly Lab durring Despicable Me 2
  • The Minion Mobile has 3 wheels and a fan as a grille on the front
  • The interior of the Minion Mobile is unknown
  • The back seat of the Minion Mobile is outside of back
  • The Minion Mobile can seat up to 3 minions
  • Its unknown if the Minion Mobile has a radio and manual or power windows like a regular veichle
  • On the toy version of the Minion Mobile, the Grille is replaced with a red light

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