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Minion Races in The Mall, first seen in version 3.2.0

The Minion Races was a game mode existing in the mobile/PC video game Despicable Me: Minion Rush. It was first introduced in update 3.0.0 in June 2015.


Minion races were held independently from Jelly Lab, and the rule of playing it was quite different from features in previous versions. Comparing with global events, playing minion races were easier to gain prizes, and it often needed no long run for being placed in rather higher rankings.

In minion races, players played as Dave (or other his costumes), Carl or Jerry and compete against 2 other Minions in the world. The player chose some weapons, called Gadgets, to participate the race. Some gadgets were used offensively or defensively. In addition to defensive and offensive, gadgets were also categorized in three levels: one-star, two-star, and three-star, higher level made the minion powerful in races.

After downloading the game, a whole set of gadgets were given to the player for free, however, after the first few races, players spent 7,000 Bananas for a basic set of gadgets or use tokens/real money to purchase much more useful sets of gadgets.

While the other two players were chosen, a minion race started and one could use gadgets picked from lanes to fasten, which avoided the minion from being attacked or attack other minions; the final rank depended on the sequence of arrival to the end of the three minions. Players gave prizes for winning continuously in a race, and the number of continuous wins were recorded on a counter called Streak. However, one losed the winning streak if they losed once (not in the 1st place of the three minions), unless they spent some tokens to maintain the streak. The cost of revival to such races are similar to that in the Jelly Lab, as the costs of Tokens for more revivals were the same.

Time-Attack mode[]

There was another type of race called Time-Attack. Comparing to regular minion races, time-attack was more likely an endless mode and the ending of a round is because the time ran out.

While playing, the player had to path through checkpoint gates to gain extra remaining time to continue. Winning more scores and time could be done by attacking other minions or near-missing obstacles. In addition, during the end of time-attack, there was no so-called "losed" if the player was not the first because the ranking was more do with the final score in the whole running, which was similar to global events.



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