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Abilities and Power-ups

Power-ups are gadgets in the game that perform a specific action. Some collect bananas, others hit obstacles or other minions. Below is a list of all power-ups in the game.

Costume abilities is a new feature of the game. It was introduced in 6.8.1 update. Costumes have built-in Power-ups in form of new abilities. In order to use an ability, a player needs to charge it. When fully charged, the player can use it anytime during a run to unleash it when the power-up is needed most. A player can use only one ability during a run, that is the power-up that a specific costume has. Collecting bananas, jumping and sliding under obstacles, near-missing obstacles and picking-up any power-ups help charge the ability. A combo of any of them will charge the ability faster. Since update 6.8.1, there are no longer missions that require to pick-up power-ups; Instead, all such missions have been replaced by using abilities. Any power-up that is picked up along the way lasts 5 seconds.

Props (discontinued for iOS and Android)

Props were some special power-ups that were only available in certain locations, which used to be attained in special missions. If the player had no prop, they could buy one with tokens/bananas when playing. When using props, players could get more special items, bananas, and multipliers when participating in the special mission. After buying the use of a prop at the beginning of the run, the first three power-ups that would normally appear were replaced by props. After the end of the special mission, certain props were still available in those locations once the special mission was held without having to pay the price to use.

Gadgets (discontinued for iOS and Android)

The gadgets used in Minion Races were:


By using following currencies, players can buy Pods, unlock and upgrade costumes and many more, in order to help progress faster in the game.

Other Items

Boosters and Perks

  • Minion Launcher
  • Start with charged Ability
  • Target Bonus +50%
  • Ability and Power-Up time +5s
  • Mega Robonana (only used in the Top Bananas Room until version 9.7.0 - now discontinued)
  • Charge Boost (only used in the Top Bananas Room)

Old version Perks (not available for iOS and Android any more)

  • Bananas x2 (each banana is counted twice)
  • Meters x2 (each meter is counted twice)
  • Jumps x2 (each jump is counted twice)
  • Seconds x2 (each second is counted twice)
  • Smashes x2 (each smash is counted twice)
  • Slides x2 (each slide is counted twice)
  • Multiplier Increases x2 (each multiplier increase is counted twice)
  • Special Areas x2 (each secret area visit or use of the slide is counted twice)
  • Battles x2 (each battle is counted twice)
  • Near-Misses x2 (each near-miss is counted twice)
  • Pick-ups x2 (each pick-up is counted twice)
  • Stars x2 (each star is counted twice)

The above old version x2 perks were also found as x3 tripling the effect as opposed to x2.

In some past updates, rare perks of "x4" and "x6" were available in certain Jelly Lab levels. However, when the golden abilities came, x4 and x6 were achieved for certain costumes in their respective areas after doubling the effect of the x2 and x3 perk.