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Minions run in one of the locations listed below:

IMG 0816

Location Pool (from El Macho's Lair to The Volcano.

For the Special Missions related to Halloween and Christmas, Residential Area, Gru's Lab, and The Volcano were updated separately for the special occasions. These three time-limited locations are:

The Residential Area also received Halloween decorations for the Haunted Hustle special mission in 2016. During the Piggy Power special mission in December 2016, the Mall was decorated to promote the film Sing.

After the Jelly Lab update (version 2.0.1, July 30, 2014), among the existing eight locations, players were required to start the game in Gru's Lab and then play a level in a the unlocked location they want to play in. Later on, new locations were added as more updates followed.

Since the 5-Year Celebration update (version 6.1.0, October 10, 2018), all locations can be found randomly in the available rooms, except for some time-limited ones. As of September 18, 2019, locations can be unlocked by completing Global Goals.