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Minions run in one of the locations listed below:

During Halloween and Christmas in 2013, Residential Area and Gru's Lab updated separately for celebration, but they recovered to the original design after the festival. These two limited-time only locations are:

The Residential Area also received Halloween decorations for the Haunted Hustle special mission in 2016. As of the Piggy Power special mission in late 2016, The Mall was decorated to promote the movie Sing.

After the Jelly Lab update (version 2.0.1, July 30, 2014), among the existing eight locations (from Gru's Lab to Super Silly Fun Land), players need to start the game in Jelly Lab and then choose a "level" in a the location they want to play in. And later locations were also put in Jelly Lab in a few following updates.

After the 5-Year Celebration update (version 6.1.0, October 10, 2018), All locations can be found randomly in the available rooms, except for the Inventing Room (Floor No 1) which is always Gru's Lab.

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