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You're now in the Minion Training Grounds!
— Margo

The Minion Training Grounds is a location exclusive to Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem. This is the first location for new minions to be trained in the ride after the participants being minionized.


The Minion Training Grounds is a wide indoor place for training and testing recuits-to-be. There are full of running tracks, tubes, and some tools for knocking minion off.

The minions will delivered to the place through a pipe, and then numerous few obstacles and distraction are placed in the running track, including an extremely curved slide, a big cactus (for testing jumping ability), hitters, and flyswappers controlled by other minions; the abilities that is ought be determined are speed, strength, ability to avoid to be knocked out. There are three tracks of running tracks, which is similar of that of Despicable Me: Minion Rush, and they are green. Before leaving the harsh place, minions need to avoid laser beams through a tunnel or they will be burnt.


The girls hold a minion training activity instead of Gru, and they ride on a flying vehicle for monitoring the training. By the help of other minions, there are some minions that are eligible to pass the test, and the rest of other minions are either knocked off or trapped on the cactus.


  • There are other training equipments next to the track, some of the other tracks have no disturbance while some other locations, such as centrifuges, are not seen or used in later ride.