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This page is trivia about Minions. Please add any trivia that pertain to that article.

  • Minions are the stars of the mobile games Minion Rush and Minions Paradise.
  • The Minions take their name from the company name of IlluMination.
  • One of the Minions made a cameo appearance in the Angry Birds Stella Webseries.
  • Minions are the official mascots for Illumination Entertainment as well as Universal Pictures starting from 2010.
  • Minions' quotes are now one of the popular internet memes.
  • Other than bananas, The Minions really love butts, they won't hesitate to put their butts on a copier machine.
  • The models of the Minions are redesigned in the following films.
    • The colors of their skin and dungarees are brighter.
    • In the first film, Minions have slightly crooked teeth. After the second film, they have aligned teeth.
    • New hairstyles or minions can be seen (bald, short-spiked, and half-bald).
    • Some one eyed Minions's buzz cut hair is now standing straight up instead of being like their two eyed counterparts.
  • Eric Guillon, the art director of the Despicable Me movie series, is the creator of the Minions.
  • The Minions may be based off the Servbot from Megaman Legends as they both are Minions/Servants to an evil character and they both have the same color scheme.
  • The name of the Minion Graham was confirmed to be named after the TV show host Graham Norton during an episode where Minions creator Eric Guillon appeared.
  • The Minions have personalities that are similar to the Raving Rabbids from the Rabbids video game series.
  • Minions have only three fingers, possibly because most classic cartoon characters are drawn with only three (or four or five) fingers.
  • In the first film, there were really only seven well know main and notable minions that names are mentioned by Gru and has a big part which are: Dave, Stuart, Kevin, Jerry, Tim, Mark and Phil.
  • They have been confirmed in the movie titled Minions to have existed long before humans, though in the short film Orientation Day and in the dialogue mentioned in the original movie, the idea for how they came to be was seen to be different at that point in time, where it was thought that Gru actually created the Minions and cloned them, which is why there are so many.
    • The only explanation that can be thought of is that Gru met the Minions as a child, and in the future he cloned them to increase his army, and the workload.
  • Minions are also able to be made from humans by the Minionizer, a ray gun that turns humans into Minions, as seen in Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem at Universal Studios.
  • According to Pierre Coffin, there are over 900 minions. But in the Minions: The Rise of Gru (First Official Trailer) at 2:39 or the Basement Scene (full sequence) if he or she can count the population it is 100.
    • In the theatrical poster of the second film, it shows that there are at least 10,400 minions.
  • There are seven names of minions (Carl, Bob, Jerry, Kevin, Phil, Tim, and Tom) that can refer to two or more different minions among all the films.
  • Although unintentional, the names of the two minions, Tom and Jerry, could be a reference to the Tom and Jerry franchise of cartoon shorts and television series featuring Thomas the Cat and Jerry the Mouse.
  • During the weeks leading up to the box office premiere of the film Minions, a wide variety of minion-themed merchandises, products and tie-in advertisements began popping up in retail stores and the mainstream media under the largest-scale and most expansive promotional campaign launched by the film’s distributor Universal Pictures in its history. Among the nearly a dozen companies involved in the partnership include McDonald’s, General Mills, Tic Tac, Hostess, Amazon and Kotex, as well as major media and tech companies like the UK’s Sky Broadband and China’s Vivo Smartphone, as well as Universal’s parent company Comcast.
  • Minions are physically invincible and immortal. In the film Minions, when Stuart, Bob and Kevin were tortured on the rack, their bodies were able to stretch easily; throughout all three films, they've been hit by various objects on their bodies, got their head stuck in a jar, and etc., without any ill effect. For example, Bob (not the Bob appeared in Minions) was given an anti-gravity serum by Dr. Nefario, who absent-mindedly left a window open, causing poor Bob to float out of our atmosphere in Despicable Me. He was still seen alive in space at the end of the movie, but we don't know what happened to him after that.
  • Otto is currently the only minion with braces.
  • Minions probably have no age, because they don’t show any signs of getting older, and they also don’t die, which you should know because they can’t reproduce as there are no female or transgender minions, and the group never gets smaller.
  • As confirmed in the spin off movie Minions (film), it was made canon that the Minions followed a single purpose; to serve the most despicable master they could find.
  • In the film Mortal Engines, two Minion statues are seen within the mobile city of London's Museum.
  • The Minions also appeared in Grand Theft Auto, making it the first time Minions appeared in non-kid friendly media.
  • The Cyanoacrylate Glue can be very Deadly Toxic-poisonous to the Minions.