Despicable Me Wiki
  1. Corgis will appear in Despicable Me 4?
  2. Will the minion corgi have its own separate film?
  3. Where to get the corgis in Buckingham Palace?
  4. Why doesn't the Queen look after them in the film?
  5. Will the Queen appear in the second part?
  6. Why does anyone get annoyed, behind their speech of minions and for riding a polo corgis?
  7. Where did Stewart get the banana?
  8. Where do corgi players come from to Buckingham Palace? And the polo ball from where?!
  9. In Despicable Me 4 there will be no hunger (stomach growling) as it was in the first part minions and in Despicable Me 3?
  10. Why does Scarlett Overkill want to become Queen of England? Well, her stupid plan.
  11. Why is he (Scarlett Overkill) annoyed by the corgi?
  12. Why in England at Buckingham Palace all Corgis dogs have the same bru collars?