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This line of Despicable Me Minions animated plush toys has been produced since 2019 and officially licensed by Gemmy Industries. Each one of these plush toys dance, move, and sing or play music while they speak some phrases in Minionese. Each one features one of the individual minions such as Bob, Stuart, Kevin, and more in seasonal clothing.

List of Holiday animated plush toys released[]

Valentine's day[]

Lovebug Otto

Stuart as Cupid


Otto Inside Easter egg

Stuart with Bunny ears and egg with paintbrush

Stuart in Bunny Suit


Bob as a Black Cat (Unreleased/Prototype)

Kevin as a Ghost

Kevin as a Witch

Eye Matie Minion

Stuart as a Devil

Stuart as Fluffy (Upcoming)


Bob with holiday sweater

Kevin as a reindeer

Kevin as an elf

Kevin with Holiday Sweater

Otto with holiday sweater (+ Shuffler and Waddler Versions)

Stuart as an elf

Stuart with Green holiday sweater (+ Waddler Version)

Stuart with Turquoise holiday sweater and Candy Cane



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