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Disco Dancing Bob is an animated stuffed toy, Based on the film: Minions: The Rise Of Gru, which was manufactured by Just Play. Once activated, Bob will start to dance to a funky disco song.


The Disco Dancing Bob is a stuffed toy comprised of soft yellow fabric for the head, along with Blue fabric, and Black Silk for the outfit. The Goggles are made from plastic and a black strap, as well as white fabric with threaded details for the eye pupils. The feet are a plastic molded base designed to help Bob stand up as he dances.


When the button is pressed on his right foot, Bob will shout "Disco!" in a tone of voice with excitement and enthusiasm, and then moves his arms while swaying in a side to side motion with disco music playing. The toy runs on three "AAA" Batteries which are included within the toy itself inside its battery compartment located underneath his shoes along with the 3-mode on/off switch including "try me" mode.

Minions de la Pico


  • In the actual film, Bob did not wear the disco outfit based on the toy's appearance.
  • This toy has similar looks to Bob's Disco outfit that he wore in the Xfinity Promo for Minions (2015) as a possible reference to the commercial itself.