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Minions on Strike was a special mission in Minion Rush from August 9th, 2017. It is the first part of The Strike Saga out of six in total. However, the fifth episode lasted longer making it impossible to have the sixth one fit before the winter holidays. In this episode, the story is inspired by the part of Despicable Me 3 movie, in which most of Gru's minions couldn't handle Gru quitting villainy altogether, so they left him out of protest.

In this episode, the objective items were Strike Signs, Caps and Megaphones, including prizes like perks, prize pods, golden tickets and tokens. It was the first special mission that didn't give a costume as a prize at the end of Lap 1. Instead, a new currency was introduced, the costume cards, which are Mel cards and Island Hopper cards. Therefore, Mel and Island hopper cards were also included as prizes.

The host area was the Residential Area. The area had splashes of paint on some parts of the street and surrounding buildings. The new fever was called Angry Fever.

Dave's new offered costume was the Striker, available only in the market at the price of 6,500 market tickets. Island Hopper was also included in the market to buy at the price of 500 market tickets, for those who hadn't bought the costume via daily login calendar in the previous update.

A new runner, Mel appeared in the shop. It costs 60 Mel cards to buy. The only way to get Mel cards was through Lap 2. Each special mission would give 10 in total, making the costume available to buy after finishing the sixth episode of The Strike Saga.

Starting with this update, the structure of the special mission was cut from three to two laps, allowing more new players to be able to finish it on time. However, the duration was shorter and the prizes in the market were less.