Miss Hattie
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Gender Female
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown

Owner of "Miss Hattie's Home for Girls"


Despicable Me

Voiced by

Kristen Wiig

Miss Hattie is a woman who runs an all girls orphanage called Miss Hattie's Home for Girls. Though the building and property are well-kept and present a cheerful front, her attitude towards the girls of the orphanage is decidedly different.


Despicable Me

The girls were sent out make money for her by selling cookies. She gets upset with the ones that do not meet their quota and puts them in the Box of Shame that's in her office, bringing out any additional boxes if necessary. Avoiding being placed in the box is how Miss Hattie "encourages" her girls to do better in their cookie sales. She also has a line of black and yellow caution tape in front of her desk that the girls have to stand behind when reporting how they did for the day.

When Edith put a mud pie on her desk, she was momentarily angry, then told her, "You're never going to get adopted, Edith, you know that, don't you?" A few minutes before when Agnes had asked if anyone stopped by to adopt them while she, Edith and Margo were out, Miss Hattie's answer was a more emphatic "no".

When Gru came by to adopt Margo, Edith and Agnes, Miss Hattie was not very impressed with his accomplishments. After the computer records became scrambled (due to the Minions getting into a fight while updating the records in real-time), Gru sweet-talked her by telling her she had "a face como en burro", which, in Spanish, means "your face looks like a donkey." Since she didn't speak Spanish, she was flattered by it and approved the adoption. She later bought a dictionary and learned what it really meant, letting Gru know she didn't like what he said by slapping him with it when she came to pick the girls back up.

Margo, Edith and Agnes were re-adopted by Gru after he rescued them from Vector.



  • The pictures hanging on the walls of her office show row after row of glum-faced girls that have lived at the orphanage. There is no indication of how many had been adopted.
  • Her name is similar to Mrs Hannigan, who Miss Hattie parodies. They are both abusive orphanage owners both whom the children are frightened of.
  • Miss Hattie shares the same voice actress with Lucy Wilde
  • Miss Hattie may do or sponsor salsa lessons, as seen on a sticker on her computer.


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