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This character or material has only appeared in non-canon material (such as games, etc.) and is not related to the main story.

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The Monkey King Minion Costume is a playable character in Despicable Me: Minion Rush. It can be purchased by real money and is mainly only available in China.


  • The costume is unavailable in most platforms of the world, except one version for Android developed in China, just like the Panda Minion Costume.
  • It is based on a character Sun Wukong in a Chinese novel Journey to the West, published in 16th century.
  • In Chinese versions of the game (Qihoo 360 and Ruansky) , version 4.2.0 - 4.2.2 gave the costume a +99 DSM increase, but this was fixed in version 4.2.3.
  • The Costume Has made a return in the newest version of the chinese version (4.4.0), unlike the panda minion who was discontinued.

Costs and Upgrades


Cost 2-star 3-star 4-star 5-star
Cost ¥ 20 20,000 Bananas 50,000 Bananas 6 Tokens 12 Tokens
Ability The 1st Revive is always free and increases Bananas collected in every race by 20% +30% bananas
Increase Bananas collected in every race by 50%
+50% bananas
Increase Bananas collected in every race by 100%
+50% bananas
Increase Bananas collected in every race by 150%
+50% bananas
Increase Bananas collected in every race by 200%
DSM +1 +1 (previously none) +1 (previously +99) +1 None


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