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Mooned is a short film that was theatrically released together with Migration. It features Vector as he attempts to leave the moon. The short film is chronologically set after the events of the first film.


The short begins with a recap of the events of the first film, with the MSNBC's anchorman telling about Vector being lifted to space by the Moon and a Minion who drank the anti-gravity serum.

After realizing he is now on the moon, Vector proceeds to say "Oh, poop,". He soon starts having a panic attack, as he thinks he is going to die on the Moon. However, he soon realizes he can escape by jumping high (due to the lack of gravity in space). It seems to be working at first until he notices the same Minion who drank the Anti-gravity serum in his path. Vector tries to get him to move out of the way, but the Minion does not listen, causing the two to collide, and Vector ends up returning to the Moon's surface.

Vector asks the Minion if he knows any way to return to Earth to which the Minion tries to say something that Vector does not understand, since he doesn't know Minionese. Annoyed, he tries to get the Minion to leave him alone by playing "fetch" with the Minion using a rock. After the Minion leaves, Vector scans the surrounding area with his high-tech bubble helmet and notices a space satellite that he could use; when Vector approaches it, however, the satellite breaks, causing his foot to be crushed. After this failed attempt, Vector scrolls through his suit settings, noticing his bubble suit option. After realizing he can use his warm-up suit to float back to Earth, he activates it just as the Minion returns with the rock Vector threw earlier. Vector expresses his pleasure in leaving the Minion behind. Unfortunately, his suit blows up too much air, leading to it bursting and Vector repeatedly crashes into a large rock, much to the Minion's amusement.

With this second failure, Vector decides it is time for him to use the "serious stuff", which is his "Limb Stretch 2.0"; Vector proceeds to wrap his now extended limbs around two nearby rocks like a slingshot. He then bids the Moon a mocking good-bye just as he launches himself. Yet again, his attempt backfires, and Vector ends up going too fast, hurtling himself across the moon and passing the Minion, who is talking to his friends on the phone while sipping a cocktail. As he is about to crash into a giant rock, Vector grapples his extended limbs around two rocks in an attempt to slow himself down, to which he is successful, although the rock he grappled onto is pulled back with him, crushing him and leading to the rock he was about to crash into falling on top of him.

Vector makes another attempt to escape by driving a Moon buggy he found on a ramp-like structure; however, before he can do this, he notices a rock in his path, leaving him to question who designed the Moon so poorly. He attempts to get rid of the rock with a pickaxe and a drill to no avail, leading the vibration to make the buggy to move slightly forward. Vector finally succeeds in destroying the rock with a laser gun, although it also leads the buggy to drive down the ramp, repeatedly crushing Vector in the process.

An injured Vector then struggles towards the same satellite he tried to use earlier in defeat, he then realized he can use rockets from his suit and attach them to the satellite to make his own ship. Suddenly, the Minion approaches Vector, trying to inform him that some other Minions are on the way with Gru's airship to rescue them. Vector does not understand, however, and thinks the Minion is asking to ride with Vector on his ship back to Earth. The Minion tries to clarify that this is not what he meant, but Vector didn't' listen; at that moment, the other Minions arrive with Gru's airship. They try to call Vector, but he does not hear them, being too focused on building his own rocket, so they fly off, leaving him behind. Similarly, Vector finishes his ship and, having tied himself to it using his suit, proceeds to activate the rockets, launching himself from the Moon. It seems to be working at first until Vector soon notices Gru's airship in his path, leading to a collision.

Vector soon awakes from the collision only to now find himself on Mars, which is even further away from Earth than he was before. A small green Martian then appears and says something to Vector, which Vector could not understand. Vector makes the Martian to go away, and the latter goes to befriend the Minions (who also survived the crash, due to their bodies being indestructible). The Martian then offers them a ride back to Earth on his UFO which the Minions accept, and they all say goodbye to Vector, much to his shock. They then fly off to earth without him, leaving Vector stranded on Mars. Disappointed, he says again "Oh, poop," just like he did in the beginning.



  • This is the third Minions short to be released theatrically.
  • This mini-movie marks the return of both Vector and Bob.
  • This mini-movie features Papa Loves Mambo.
  • The Minions that came to rescue Bob, are all named after Ken Daurio, Chris Renaud and Cinco Paul.
  • Mooned is the teaser for Despicable Me 4.