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The name Mr. Bunny does not belong to the Despicable Me franchise.
Easter Bunny
Physical Information
Species Rabbit
Sex Male
Appearance Hop
Personal Information
Aliases Mr. Bunny
Occupation Easter Bunny (Retired)
Residence Easter Island
Family E.B. (Son)
Dislikes E.B.'s disobedience
Production Information
Debut Hop
Voiced by Hugh Laurie

Mr. Bunny is the father of E.B. in the movie Hop. He is the overseer of candy production, egg dying, and the legions of chicken/bunny workers.

On the eve of his retirement, he’s ready to pass the mantle to E.B. but isn't aware of Carlos' schemes to overthrow him and his son's disinterest in the job. He subsequently sends the Pink Berets to find E.B. when the latter escapes to Los Angeles.