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The narrator is an inanimate character from the movie Minions. It appears from beginning to end. Also known as voice-over or man-behind-the-scenes. He tells the viewer where they came from. He is voiced by Geoffrey Rush.



At the very beginning of the film, after they had already left the ocean to land, then they met a Tyrannosaurus Rex. This was the very first master of the Minions, but also for stupidity, they accidentally killed the dinosaur in the lava. In the Stone Age, the Caveman, it was the second, but they met a bear, and he starts growling at him, but they gave him a fly swatter instead of a bat, and in the end, he couldn't get rid of the bear, and ate it. In Egypt, they accidentally dropped a pyramid. For Dracula, when it was his birthday, the Minions on his birthday opened the curtains, and after that, he died from sunlight, and turned into dust. In Napoleon, accidentally killed from a cannon. Once the last owner had already died, they found an ice cave. At first, at first, they were having fun, but then, they start to get bored and sad if no one serves him. Then they are already getting depressed, but only one of them, Kevin, has gained the courage to go out into the outside world, but he does not return until he finds the most terrible villain for the rest. First he chooses Stuart, but then he chooses Bob.

After he told off-screen that the future awaits them, they already go in search of a new boss. At the end of the film, when at Buckingham Palace, where they celebrate the ceremony after winning Scarlet, the man behind the scenes that Kevin was prouder than ever. Eventually, they finally found a new boss, young Gru.