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Nathan (or Dathan) is one of the Minions.


Nathan is a Tall Two-eyed minion with Sprout-cut hair. He looks like, Kevin, Tim, Paulo, and others.


Despicable Me[]

Nathan was seen looking at Dave, after he shot the Rocket Launcher, He is also seen when Gru is having a pep talk. Later, he is seen cheering when Gru got to the moon and shrunk it with the Shrink Ray, then is seen in line getting a good night kiss from Gru (The Minion in line behind him could be Jerry or Tim).

Despicable Me 2[]

Nathan is seen with other minions when Dr. Nefario quits. Later, he appeared with Chris, Brad, and the other minions trying to get ice cream from the ice cream truck. Unfortunately, like the other minions, Nathan is captured. He is later seen at the beach scene playing volleyball with Brad or Eric, and seen as an Evil Minion. Later, Nathan is seen in the final battle (as an Evil Minion) when Gru, Stuart, and Dave came to save Lucy and stop El Macho. When Dave is discovered, Nathan and the other minions chases the trio, later he is reverted back to into a normal minion with the antidote. He is later seen with John, Philip, Donny, Paul, Tony, Steve or Darwin, Tim, Carl, Eugene and other minions doing the YMCA dance. He is last seen taking a picture with others and an evil minion appears, much to his shock.


Nathan appears in the beginning of the Minions movie, Enjoying the Vampire Party, and later seen inside the Minion Ice Cave as Kevin went on looking for a boss along with Stuart and Bob, he is seen sad and bored, and he is last seen Drinking Coffee at a Café before they saw Kevin.


  • Nathan looks like Kevin.
  • He was mentioned to look like Tom.
  • A minion with the same name as him had buzz-cut hair, but In Despicable Me 2, it is combed.