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The National Museum is a location appeared in the mini-movie Binky Nelson Unpacified.


The front building of the museum is made of marble and the name of the museum is written on it: "MUSEUM", "NATIONAL MUSEUM" with "MDCCCLI" in the middle.

Once, while the alarm started to ring, Walter Nelson and his family were leaving in their car after the heist of the museum. But the Security Guard didn't notice until Binky Nelson was back for his pacifer and unable to hide from the infrared sensors of the museum.

The guard went into the museum and found that many items were missing, then he notices Binky. Little did he aware that Binky's catapult shot a cork and makes several exhibits clashed together, which results an ancient female statue fell on him. In the process, Binky retrieved his pacifer and went home with the guard's hat.


  • It is unclear where the museum is located.
    • The Roman numerals of the museum, MDCCCLI, indicates that it may be established in 1851, which is the same year that World Museum was established, but the appearance is similar to that of Smithsonian Institution.
  • It is indicated that the crown of Queen Elizabeth II was once the exhibit in the museum, but it was stolen by the Nelson family, returned and put in Tower of London (with no clue of the process), and then stolen again by Gru.
    • The whereabouts of the crown is unknown, most probably still processed by Gru.


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