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Dr. Nefario, explaning the principle to Gru

The larger the mass of an object, the quicker the effects of the shrink ray wear off! I call It: THE NEFARIO PRINCIPLE!!!


The Nefario Principle is a physical law which is fundamental to the limits of what a typical high-powered Shrink Ray can do with respect to the object that it acts upon.

Nefario claims to have come up with this principle soon after the discovery that the shrunken objects in his lab are returning to their original size in time scales that are longer for less massive objects, for example: after being shrunk by Vector, Gru's ship eventually returned to normal size before the Minions, and when the moon is shrunk the Nefario Principle could be seen effectively as causing the moon to revert back to its actual size and mass, despite being near the Earth and had been shrunk only mere moments ago. It is more likely he named it after himself because of the Nefario name. He also made the name up on the spot also knowing he did it for himself.