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Rare image of Nun-Chuck
Status Incarcerated
Species Giant Cobra (formerly)

Rat (formerly)

Gender Female
Eye color Black
Hair color Unknown (always wears a nun hood)

Member of the Vicious 6


Belle Bottom
Jean Clawed
Wild Knuckles (formerly)


Felonious Gru
Wild Knuckles


Minions: The Rise of Gru
Despicable Me 4 (cameo)

Voiced by

Lucy Lawless

— Nun-chuck's catchphrase

Nun-Chuck is a villain and a member of the Vicious 6. As her name suggests, she is depicted as a nun-like villain who uses nunchucks as her personal weapons. She appeared in Minions: The Rise of Gru.


Nun-Chuck is a female with buzz-cut bald hair with red snoozy nose and a pair of brown and dark red glasses. She wears a navy blue coated top with a navy blue hood has a white arabic helmet. She also holds a black and silver cross on it.


Minions: The Rise of Gru[]

She and the other members of the Vicious 6 betrayed Wild Knuckles and then stole the zodiac stone. She then also laughed at young Gru during his audition because he was a kid. Then she chased Gru, Kevin, Stuart, Bob and Otto with the other members for the stone Gru stole. Stronghold threw a van at Gru, but missed and hit her, while she threw nunchucks and hit him in the face. Once they failed to capture Gru, they went to their vehicle. She got in her organ/candelabrum-like hot rod and they went to Gru's house. Once they got there, she offered Gru's mom help in the kitchen but instead tied her up. They still didn't find Gru, so they went to San Francisco and destroyed Wild Knuckles' house in search of Gru. They then found Gru and took the stone. Belle Bottom turned the Vicious 6 and the minions intolerance zodiac animals. She got turned into a cobra and was quickly defeated by Stuart and got turned into a rat along with the other members of the Vicious 6 and was arrested by the AVL.

Despicable Me 4[]

Nunchuck makes a short cameo alongside the Vicious 6 and other villains at the ending of the film and joins in the singing despite being old in the rise of gru.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Nunchucks: She is shown to be very skilled with using nunchucks.
  • Levitation: Nunchuck's levitation allows her to float from the ground with a light shining down upon her, making her appear holy to anyone who looks at her (despite her villainy) .
  • Her Siganture Vehicle: She is shown to be able to drive her vehicle, which is a cross between an organ and a candelabrum.