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This is going to be the best book ever!
— Agnes

One Big Unicorn is the puppet book written by Gru. It reflects on the story of Gru's life after he adopted the girls. He writes this book because the previous storybook, Sleepy Kittens, was destroyed maliciously.

He wants to show Margo, Edith and Agnes how much they have helped him, though he does not want to admit it, and claims that the girls have nothing to do with the making of the book.


One big unicorn, strong and free,

thought he was happy as he could be.
Then three little kittens came around
and turned his whole life upside down.
They made him laugh, they made him cry
He never should have said goodbye.
And now he knows he can never part
from those three little kittens who changed his heart.

— Gru