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Operation Bubble Gum was a Special Mission in Minion Rush from May 24th, 2017. It is the second part of the Bubble Gum Invasion saga out of three in total.

In this episode, the Special Items were Cartridges, Calculator Watches and Tape Players, including the main prize - the Vacationer, with Perks, Prize Pods, Golden Tickets and Tokens.

The Mission area was Downtown (discontinued for iOS and Android). A new fever was used called Spy Fever. It had the same effects as the original Fever Mode and so will the following ones. Fever modes as well as upgrades do not carry forward from one special mission to another, meaning that every new Special Mission a player needs to collect new Fever Mode types and upgrade Fevers from scratch. Downtown's secret area, which is the Bank of Evil, had changed into a 80's style dark video games room with neon lights and coin-op machines.

Dave's new offered costume was the Spy, available only in the Shop, while the market offered Disco at the price of 6,500 market tickets.



  • This was the only time a Minion Rush special mission was held in Downtown (discontinued for iOS and Android).