In with flesh, (blows end of the gun), and behold, the antidote! Dr. Nefario revealing the antidote

The PX-49 is the only known antidote for the PX-41 serum. Developed by Dr. Nefario, it is used to change the Evil Minions back to regular Minions. It is developed by PX-Labs.


After Nefario has decided that no one should mess with his family, he (presumably) cut ties with El Macho, and developed the antidote.

This antidote is first tested on Kevin when he, as an Evil Minion, is attacking Margo, Edith, and Agnes. Nefario appeared out of the blue and injected it into Kevin, successfully reverting him. It is then spread over the remaining supply of the newest jelly in Mr. Gru's Old Fashioned Jelly line.

Using the newly created Jelly Guns and a modified version of Gru's Airship, the PX-49 is successfully adminstered to all the captured Minions.


  • Like PX-41, drinking/injecting the antidote will work.
    • Despite this, its effect took place once the jelly is in their mouth, this is possibly due to it having higher infiltration abilities.
  • The jelly didn't seemed to dilute the antidote's effects, as any amount is enough to revert the PX-41's effects.
    • This is seen when Dr. Nefario injects Kevin with a whole tube of it and reverted him, but later the jelly guns mixed with the antidote still can revert the Evil Minions in a single shot despite being severely diluted.
  • Like PX-41, its effects take place instantly, though itself is slightly faster than PX-41.
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