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The PX-Labs (Russian: ПХ-Лабс) is a top-secret laboratory stationed in the Arctic Circle that housed experiments with PX-41, a dangerous mutagen that sets the film's events in motion.


The lab grounds is composed of one single metallic lab building and a number of other other orange substations. The lab grounds is powered by windmills and is patrolled by guards dressed in yellow parkas and armed with assault rifles or submachine guns. Snowmobiles are stationed at the base and there are portable potties for those who need to go the restroom.


At the start of the film, a Magnet Ship was seen stealing the entire lab (later revealed to be the work of El Macho, as the same ship is in his lair), prompting AVL to launch an investigation. The lab is never seen afterwards. Many of the guards were also picked up and killed when crushed by the remaining lab.


  • The guards stationed at the PX-Labs are the only humans in the Despicable Me universe to have been seen with regular firearms. Other characters use unconventional weapons such as Freeze Ray, Lipstick Taser and Squid Launcher.
  • It marks the only appearance of a Snowmobile.
  • The two scientists that are seen experimenting on a rabbit are named Renaud and Coffin, a reference to the Despicable Me 2 directors Chris Renaud and Pierre Coffin.
  • The lab personnel speak Russian, hinting the lab is Russian-owned.
    • However, the text on the main lab is written in english, possibly stating that the lab was owned by multiple governements.
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