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Paradise Mall is a three story shopping mall located in Venice, California.[1] Felonius Gru and Lucy Wilde investigate this store because a sample of PX-41 was detected there. It is also the place where Gru meets Eduardo Perez and recognizes him as El Macho.       


The mall is a round dome and, as mentioned before, has three stories and appears to have multiple entrances. The mall has many stores, a theater, and an arcade. It features a glass elevator and a fountain at the center.

Notable stores

  • Salsa & Salsa (Mexican restaurant)
  • Bake My Day (Cupcake store)
  • Eagle Hair Club (Wig store)
  • Mum's the Word (florist)
  • Stuff-a-Bear (parody of Build-a-Bear Workshop)
  • Maki Sushi (Japanese restaurant)
  • Game Over Arcade (arcade)
  • Mueller's Jewelers (jewelry)
  • Baby Blues (baby supplies)
  • Wool Street (clothing)
  • Saturn Pizza (pizza restaurant, name a possible reference to Pizza Planet, a restaurant in Disney•Pixar's Toy Story)
  • Paradise Theater (movie theater)
  • Fit to be Bride (wedding dresses)

Notable Employees and Visitors

  • Lucy Wilde
  • Felonius Gru
  • Eduardo Perez
  • Pollito
  • Floyd Eaglesan
  • Dave
  • Stuart
  • Tim
  • Margo Gru
  • Edith Gru
  • Agnes Gru
  • Antonio Perez
  • Hedda Blumentoft (owner of Mum's the Word)
  • Chuck Kinney (owner of Stuff-A-Bear Workshop)
  • Security Guard
  • Mall Husband
  • Mall Wife
  • Crying Boy
  • Red Shorts Lady
  • Green Turtleneck Lady
  • Green Jacket Man
  • Black Turtleneck Lady
  • Baggy Pants Man
  • Long Denim Skirt Lady
  • Red Flower Dress Lady
  • Green Flower Dress Lady
  • Fat Polka-Dot Dress Lady

Apperances in Other Media

In one update for Minion Rush, Paradise Mall appears as a location.



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