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Mmmhmhmmm, makiena cala colocona, ehhhh… ah! Colacolacoñii… getatatatatah!
— Paul
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Paul (or Paulo) is one the Minions.


Paul is a tall two-eyed sprouted haired Minion .


Paul is known to be hardworking although we can see he gets annoyed easily when a minion disturbs him.


Despicable Me[]

Paul or Kevin was seen typing on Ms.Hattie's computer while she was talking to Gru. Paul was annoyed since he got in a fight with Tom or Jerry. He is later seen in the pep talk. Later, he is seen getting kissed by another minion (possibly Tom) when Gru got to the moon and shrunk it with a Shrink Ray, he is later seen in the final battle with Gru and Vector. He is next seen getting a goodnight kiss, and seen dancing with the other minions.

Despicable Me 2[]

Paul was seen standing next to Donny while another minion asks them to get off Paul did but Donny Fell down. He can be seen with a group of minions that are captured by the ice cream truck led by another minion (possibly Chris). Sometime later, he can be seen in the beach scene. Paul was later seen as a evil minion (The one that looks like Evil Kevin). He is later seen chasing Gru, Stuart, and Dave, and then later gets reverted back to normal. Later, Paul, like other minions, is later seen doing the YMCA dance with donny.


He can be seen in the ice cave being sad and bored.

Minions: The Rise Of Gru[]

Paul was seen at the end with Gru and the other Minions On Dr. Nefario's Airship (Now called Gru's Airship) begging for Nefario to join. (Although the tall minion in question was either Ken or Nathan.)


  • He’s mentioned at the beginning of Minions.
  • Paul or a similar kind of minion was originally meant to be one-eyed but it was scrapped.
  • Paul is simillar to Kevin and Tim.
  • Like Kevin and Tim, he's often mistaken with Ken.
  • In Minions, He is seen with bent sprout-cut hair (Like Nathan), but in other films, he has normal sprout-cut hair.
  • It is possible that he appeared in Despicable Me 3.
  • In Despicable Me 2, when the gates open in El Macho's Lair, he is seen with purple frizzy partied hair as an Evil Minion, but when he is chasing Gru, Stuart, and Dave, he is seen with purple frizzy firey hair.