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The Pet Rock is an object that appears in Minions: The Rise of Gru belonging to Otto. Otto traded the Zodiac Stone for it at a child's birthday party.



It does not appear to be alive in all scenes he features in, receiving no further animation that the googly eyes stuck to his temples. The rock appears to be igneous in nature.

The rock would seem American in nationality, likely coming from the eastern coast of California or Mexico, and was given as a birthday present to an unnamed birthday kid, before being traded for the aforementioned Zodiac Stone.

Gru confiscates the rock from Otto and after he is kidnapped by Wild Knuckles, he gives it to him. Angry that it’s not the Zodiac Stone, Wild Knuckles tosses it aside. Eventually, Otto got it back as shown in the credits.


  • The Pet Rock appears to be based on the pet rock fad invented by Gary Dahl that was popular throughout 1975 and 1976, when the film is set. The Pet Rock's packaging is identical to Gary Dahl's.
    • However, the Pet Rock is shown with googly eyes stuck on as it comes out of the box. Gary Dahl's pet rocks did not come with googly eyes.