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" Para tu." Phil says to Agnes.

Phil is one of the Minions. A minion by the same name, having a different appearance, appears in Despicable Me 2.


He is a short, one-eyed Minion with spiky hair. But later he has combed hair. He is seen dressed up as a baby with a white, baby hat with a blue fuzzy ball and blue hearts on it, a baby pacifier with a ribbon tied to it, and a baby diaper with two safety pins on the sides of the diaper.


Despicable Me[]

Phil is one of the three Minions (The others being Tim and Mark), who were sent to get Agnes a new toy. He is dressed up as a baby as he went with Mark and Tim, dressed as a dad and a mom, to the store. While they couldn't find a toy, Phil gave Agnes a toy unicorn that he made out of other materials they bought at the store, and received a kiss from her. 

Phil is also seen drinking from a bottle then resting his face on a table during Gru's pep talk.


Phil also appeared in the short film "Competition" where he and Jerry compete in various silly acts such as boxing and racing with fire extinguishers strapped onto rolling chairs.


Chiquita Stickers[]

Despicable Me 2[]

Despicable Me 4[]


  • He’s kind of like Stuart.
  • He is possibly the one-eyed minion with combed hair who helps the girls to fight the evil minions. Although the minion in question could John, Darwin, or an unnamed minion.
  • Phil’s first shot showed him with spiky hair.


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